Structure Tent

Party tents, wedding tents, event tents, double-decker tents, polygon tents, etc.

Purchasing a wedding tent can create a unique and personalized outdoor wedding for you. The tarpaulin top can be pure white, red, or transparent. Various themes such as European style, pastoral style, and Chinese style can be displayed in the wedding tent.

The suitable event tent size can be manufactured according to the size of the event, and is suitable for commercial display activities, product launches, promotional activities, advertising and other occasions.

Create unforgettable moments with our exquisite Atrium Event Tent, perfect for weddings and parties. With its elegant design and spacious interior, our Atrium Tent sets the stage for enchanting celebrations. Let our Atrium Event Tent elevate your special day to new heights.

igloo tent is suitable for large-scale music festivals, events, exhibitions, commercial exhibitions, etc.

The exhibition tent is a high-quality and safe modular structure. With its excellent safety and reliability characteristics, it can withstand strong winds of level 8-10. It is suitable for various exhibitions, auto shows, outdoor exhibitions, brand launches or celebrations, etc.

Basketball hall, football field, badminton hall, table tennis hall, tennis hall, volleyball hall, ice hockey hall, swimming pool, boxing hall, equestrian hall and comprehensive large-scale sports tent venues, etc.

The warehouse tent adopts a modular structure design. The construction and disassembly cycle is short. It can be freely increased according to the size of the site. It can be built according to the needs of off-peak and peak seasons. Container trucks, forklifts and other mechanical equipment can easily enter and exit the warehouse tent.

Widely used in various large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor activities, and hotels. Its unique and beautiful shape is the choice of high-end users that highlights the charm of the brand.

One of the key benefits of two-story tents is their ability to maximize space without sacrificing style or elegance. By utilizing vertical space, these tents offer a compact footprint while still providing ample room for guests to mingle and socialize.

The curved tent is a unique tent shape, suitable for outdoor exhibitions, car shows, warehouses, sports venues, events and weddings, etc.

From outdoor celebrations to corporate events, our Structure Tents offer the ultimate solution for any occasion. With their sturdy construction and customizable design, these tents provide a blank canvas ready to be transformed into your dream event space. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, festival, or trade show, our Structure Tents provide shelter and style, ensuring your event is a memorable success. Explore our range today and unlock endless possibilities for your next gathering!


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