Membrane Structure

Membrane structure research and development, processing and manufacturing

Membrane Structure​

The membrane structure developed by KENTEN Structures has a unique architectural style and strong artistic quality. It has the advantages of good mechanical properties, excellent optical and thermal properties, flame retardant and self-cleaning, good process performance, and short construction period. Design and construction of steel membrane structures for sports facilities, transportation facilities, commercial facilities, and landscape facilities

Membrane Structure Advantages

high Quality

Light weight, high strength, fireproof, good self-cleaning, not affected by ultraviolet rays, anti-fatigue, resistant to distortion, anti-aging, and long service life.

Quick to build

Zero pollution construction, beautiful appearance, short and fast construction period, integration of production, design and construction.

Safe And Stable

Meet permanent building regulations, safer, complete after-sales service, safe and guaranteed

Professional construction team

Twenty-three years of experience in membrane structure installation, and accumulated experience in hundreds of project cases. To provide services to you.

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