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exhibition tent for 2024 food show

2024 Food Expo Exhibition Tent

Exhibition tent opens a new experience. Create a grand outdoor food exhibition. We have to consider many factors, such as weather, space, electricity, etc. The structure tent is not only beautiful but also has no restrictions on venues and weather. Give you a brand new outdoor exhibition activity experience.

KENTEN uses high-strength aluminum alloy tent frames and flame-retardant PVC fabrics to produce exhibition tents with a net span of 6 meters to 80 meters. There are a variety of shapes such as standard A-type and curves. It can be installed on the site without restrictions, whether the site is lawn, beach or concrete, to ensure 100% space utilization.

KENTEN provides a variety of tent accessories, such as wooden floors, glass walls, glass doors, air conditioners and many other ancillary facilities, and provides personalized customization to meet customer requirements.

Key Details

Size: 25m x 70m, 25m x 25m, 15m x 45m, 10m x 20m
Function: Food Expo Exhibition
Framework: Aluminium alloy
Roof cover: 850g/sqm Double PVC